A digital fresh start for airberlin

The newly developed booking website serves as a digital flagship in two different ways. On one hand, it’s a modern, user-friendly website for Germany’s second largest airline, and on the other, it perfectly showcases its developers’ skills.

At, we developed an information architecture to unify all existing communications under one roof. At the same time, the website design got a complete overhaul. Since all work was done step by step during ongoing operation, we were able to validate each idea by testing multiple variants before implementation.

In the meantime, the new design concept has also been used for other digital media such as display ads and newsletters.

The new on-board WiFi service airberlin connect that provides passengers with on-board internet access as well as in-flight entertainment – on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops – was also developed based on this new information architecture and predefined design guidelines.

airberlin connect is already available on many domestic routes in Germany as well as on flights to and from several European destinations, plus select connections to Abu Dhabi.